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It all started with two friends...

Throughout their years as friends and colleagues, Beau & Lauren developed a passion for making others happy through event planning. In 2015, they created Big & Little Event Planning services in Indianapolis, IN. From starting with just two weddings their first summer of opening, they now serve couples all throughout the country. In 2021, they expanded their event planning services to even more states:


Colorado - Indiana - Kentucky - New York - Vermont  

Both founders love to talk, plan and create with their couples, and with their extensive experience in event planning they bring a vision to life. Beau has worked with the legendary band, Chicago, planning their day-to-day concerts and private shows, serving as a special guest to lead Event Planning lecturers, and volunteering his time to plan for non-profits. Lauren has grown within the event planning industry with running marketing campaigns and recently releasing her new photography services- @LEMurrayPhotography. As small business owners, we value your business and hope to make you feel like family if you choose to hire Big & Little Events.

While growing throughout the country, we have also grown our team; with our first lead coordinator Brittni from Vermont. She has worked over 20+ weddings this last year and she brings her warm, soft touch to every wedding. In addition, we are pleased to bring on Brittney to help coordinate our Colorado Weddings, Jess who serves as our business admin, and our two new interns from the University of Kentucky. Together we will ensure every detail, both Big & Little, is never missed. 

Big & Little Story

Meet the Team


Beau Loendorf - NY

Co-founder & Lead Coordinator

headshot 2.jpg

Lauren Murray - IN

Co-founder & Lead Coordinator


Brittni Lisowacki - VT

Lead Coordinator


Kris Thompson - KY

Lead Coordinator

Brittney Richardson - CO

Lead Coordinator


University of Kentucky Intern

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 10.03.05 PM.png

University of Kentucky Intern

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