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10 Fun Date Night Ideas For You And Yours

Here at Big & Little Events, we LOVE love! Throughout life, you have heard the stories about love at first sight or marrying your first love. But in reality, for most, love is something that develops with time. It is not something that is forced or found; love finds you and it all starts with spending time with someone who makes you happy. This is why dating is so important. It helps you find what your interests are in a partner but also allows you to share special experiences with one another. Even during marriage, dates are essential because regular fun and dedicated times together are what keep a relationship running strong. It also gives you something to look forward to – as well as keep the excitement level up. Date nights can become repetitive or predictable, and that might be because you simply do not have the time to sit down and plan some unique experiences. At Big & Little Events, we are experts when it comes to planning. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to give you a jumpstart on your next date night.

Consider some of these to try when brainstorming your next outing:

1.Have a Mexican night in.

You chef up the enchiladas, while they bring out their inner mixologist skills to whip up some frozen margs. Here’s a bomb recipe for jalapeno margaritas.

TIP: I like to infuse the tequila the night before by putting a sliced jalapeno in the bottle and throwing it in the freezer.

2.Go for a sunset drive.

You can throw on your favorite playlist, freestyle, or just chat. All in all, just vibe and cruise along.

3.Go fishing.

It may take some patience, but it can be very therapeutic just being out in nature and enjoying one's company. You never know though, you might be reelin in a biggin!

4.Go to a puppy farm or animal shelter.

Even if you are not planning on adopting, puppers and kitters will always brighten up your day! Don’t stay too long though or you might end up bringing one home.

5.Volunteer somewhere together.

Serve meals at a homeless shelter or help run a charity event. It is always a great feeling giving back to the community.

6.Take a spin class together.

CycleBar is a great spin studio to start at and the best part is that it’s a competition so there’s some incentive to do well. Not to mention, it is also a killer workout. #gainz

7.Spa night.

Head over to your local Sephora or Lush to stock up on some face masks and scrubs. Don't forget to have some candles lit to set the mood.

8.Hit the slopes.

Whether you ski, snowboard, or don’t at’s never too late to learn. Oh, and don’t forget to take pictures for y'alls socials.

9.Learn together.

Sign up for a cooking class, go to a museum, or even start a course to learn a new language! And maybe set a goal to plan a trip to France, but first learn how to speak French.

10.Pick a nice day to play 18 holes.

Even if only one of you plays golf, who doesn’t enjoy driving the golf cart around and sipping a White Claw. There’s always TopGolf too which is never a disappointment.

Trying out different things with your partner is fun. It also gives both of you a chance to see a different side of one another. You might go out bowling together for the first time to find out your special someone can bowl a few frames with ease and score over 200 points. When you love someone, you love them as the person they are, and not as the person you would like them to be. Go out and explore together, the world is a magical place and is even more of one when sharing life with someone else.

Happy dating!




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