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Q&A: Final Cuts To The Guest List

Question: I am getting married in a few months and our budget allows for only 120 guests, however I come from a really big family that takes up almost 100 guests alone. How can we cut down the guest list without creating any drama?

Answer: Such a great question and one a lot of couples actually come across during the planning process. When you look at your list you can first decide if you would like children present or not; sometimes allowing children to be present at the engagement party should be enough and this will allow a few more spots for adults at the wedding. We also recommend going through each name putting them in an "must attend" list or "could attend" list, then work your way through the "could attend" list on who not to invite. Another option would be give each name a number 1-3:

1: Have To Come!

(your number 1s are usually parents, wedding party, close family members, and maybe best friends.)

2: We Would Love To Have Them Come

(the number 2 group would be an old teacher, high school friends, neighbors, or co-workers.)

3: Feeling Obligated To Invite Them

(group 3, this usually will be past people who invited you to their wedding, boyfriends or girlfriends of current guests, extended family, or family business partners.)

Creating a guest list can be very frustrating and so the earlier you can get this done the better because planning ahead will allow for preparation of the seating chart, budget, and an accurate guest count. Below are a few more tips for you to think about when finalizing your guest list.


Tip: Think of a list of standards to stand by, and stick with it. For example "we have not talked in over six months" or "they donated to my parents business" and then decide what that outcome will be.

Tip: Remember this is YOUR wedding, as important as it might be to get insight from your parents or close friends in the end of the day you all get to make the decision. The one exception is if someone if helping support financially then you might want to let them invite a few close business partners.

Steps To Try:

1. Must Attend-Guest List and Could Attend-Guest List

2. Adult Only

3. Create Rules to go by

4. Don't Allow all to bring Plus-One's

5. Set up a Last Date to Add/Change

If you have a question or would like to know more about something please email and one of our event coordinators will reach out.

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