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Common Mistakes Couples Make

This year, I think we can say our couples have made it through a new kind of commitment, a covid-love commitment, where we most likely got to know more about our partner than ever before. And yet, for the better you have gotten engaged- and now getting married- CONGRATS! The excitement will hopefully stay with you through the whole planning process and into your special day. However, we wanted to take a moment to share some mistakes couples make while planning their wedding and how you can prevent the “I wish I had done this” moments. Here are just a few of our tips we have seen over the years:

BUDGET OR BUST? Do NOT forget about your wedding budget. Yes, a few hundred dollars here and there may not sound a lot but when you add it all up, those hundreds add up fast. Your family and friends that come to your wedding would rather see you happy, in love, and with a more affordable wedding rather than finding out the both of you are starting your marriage in debt. Life will already be stressful at times, try your hardest to not add extra stress with unplanned financial costs for your wedding. Our suggestion is when creating your budget, add an “adventure” budget item with 5% of your budget. This you can either use for anything that goes over budget or if you can stick with your budget, you have this money saved for an epic adventure on your honeymoon or sometime later in the future.

THIS IS IT! Many couples these days go on Pinterest and pick out their favorite flower without doing any research for that flower if it’s in season or even the costs. Falling in love with one idea can be very dangerous because you already got in your mind that you are willing to spend extra or do more to ensure this one thing happens. We can promise you the flowers do make an impact, but they are just one piece in the whole puzzle. Be open to other suggestions and how they can best fit with your budget, theme, and better yet- can you even buy them during your wedding season?

DAY-OF, DREAM TEAM. Weddings are stressful, well, let us fix that. Planning a wedding is stressful, but your wedding day should not be. Hiring an Event Coordinator will be one of the best decisions you make because they ensure you get to enjoy, live-in-the-moment, and appreciate everything about YOUR special day. Our jobs are to make our clients have the best day ever through giving you, your family, and friends, an opportunity to take it allin. Time together is priceless. All of our clients have always shared that they would have changed a few little things about their day but never would change hiring an event coordinator. One client went as far to say, “if I knew how much I would lean on you, I would have hired you from day one and not just a few months before”.

PLAN AHEAD! Remember a wedding is more than just saying “I Do”; it’s a dinner, a dance party, an after party, maybe a brunch, and lots of little moments in between. A lot of your guests will most likely want to stay at a hotel. By planning in advance, you can help ensure the week goes a lot smoother when it comes to travel/ hospitality. By thinking ahead and booking a hotel, either setting a room block or creating a group hold, you allow your guests to book with confidence that they will be part of your wedding weekend. Nothing is the worse than having a bunch of family plan to travel, then come to find out the hotels are all booked up. Now, they are staying 45-60 minutes away and annoyed because conversations around transportation, events, etc. begin to happen and add stress. When looking at hotels, make sure you ask about all options. Some offer transportation to the venue, an extended bar hour, room upgrades and more.

Here at Big & Little Events, we wish you the best with your planning and remember: your wedding is all about you. The more you plan, think everything out before your big day, hire vendors you trust, and communicate with your family and friends, the more successful you will be. Good luck and Happy wedding planning!


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