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New Year, New Goals, New Us!

We cannot start a new year without ending the past year with the largest Thank You to everyone who made these unusual months very special. We have learned that even via zoom we can still celebrate love​. We embraced living more in the moment and spending time with those we care about most. But at the same time, we learned that because we care about someone we had to stay apart. Love has never

been more prevalent than what we experience in the weddings we held this year. To not have our older loved ones or at-risk loved ones join us in person, we found a new way (via technology) to have them be there.

As 2021 starts, a new year of goals, ambitions, and growth are among us here at Big & Little Events. We have booked over double what we booked in 2020 and set a goal of 20 weddings this year. We plan to finalize our new extension to Kentucky, and with the help of our amazing interns, we are on a fast track to do so. And finally, we want to connect with more local businesses/vendors to support other local businesses as much as we can. Here, as a Big & Little family, we are striving to showcase love on multiple platforms. But 2021 is not only about growth and business, this year we are also reflecting on our own personal growth. Beau is working to take a few courses on Event Management to keep up on an industry that is always changing, Lauren is getting creative with her own side photography business, and we have two Interns that are giving up hours in their senior year to be part of our team.

To continue on a personal note, when Lauren and I started Big & Little Events, we did it because we both loved event planning. We both have a passion for what we do, to most if I were to say being on my feet for 15 hours a day while coordinating a wedding/ event is fun, I think they would think I am crazy. But that is why we have found our passion, and better-yet I truly believe we are bringing affordable event planning to real couples, who are just wanting to have the best day of their life. There is something about seeing love, especially during this time, when we can be part of those special moments, that we thrive off of.

To wrap up our ambitions for 2021 I will say this, we are excited to work with you- our future client and business partners. Being home has taught us that we can connect more easily, we should use each other to be a resource, and that it takes a team to make a dream come true. We are so excited for what this year will bring and thank you for being part of our journey, you do not know how much your relationship and support mean to us all. Stay safe and spread the love.



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