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How to Add a Unique Detail to Your Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be the ultimate representation of your love story, so the final detail that makes everything perfect is usually something specific to you as a couple. The key to adding a unique detail is not about inventing something entirely new or spending an excessive amount of money. It is about finding a way to share your story and who you are as a couple. Everyone has a one-of-a-kind story about how love found its way into their lives, and your wedding is the ultimate way to share that story.

Consider the following parts of your lives:

· Your proposal

· How you met

· Your favorite memory together

· Your mutual hobbies

· Your ancestry

· Your family and guests

Each of these things plays a special part in your love story and shape it in subtle (or not so subtle) ways. You can honor and celebrate those memories, people and moments through the smallest of details. As wedding coordinators, we have been able to witness people pay homage to the elements that shape their love story in endless ways.

Here are some of our favorite examples:

· Rather than giving away party favors, let every guest know that you donated to a charity that means a lot to you in their honor.

· Incorporate wedding traditions from your ancestors in a way to honor your family and parents. In honor of their Italian roots, some couples will tie a ribbon at the end of the ceremony or saw a log in half together.

· Personalize your favorite decoration with your wedding details, so you can keep it after your wedding day. Bourbon barrel lids or corn hole boards are two great options!

· If you have a great memory associated with attending fairs and festivals together, you can add a cotton candy machine to your reception. Any entertainment or food vendor can be chosen to reflect your story.

· Honor the memory of someone who is unable to be a part of your day by setting aside a chair and decorating it in their favorite flowers.

Your wedding is a day to celebrate you, so let's celebrate all the amazing things that make you, you.


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