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10 Things Every Bride & Groom Forgets on Their Wedding Day

1. Marriage License:

This is the document you need to make it official! Make sure you start this process early, as it could take some time to get all of the legal documents you need for your wedding. Ensure you or someone you trust has these documents and brings them to the ceremony on the day of.

2. Thank You Cards & Tip Envelops:

Planning in advance will help ensure you stay within your budget and help you avoid any unforeseen costs. Make sure you fill out thank you cards and tip envelops before the big day, and assign someone you trust the task of handing them out before the event is over.

3. Vendor Meals:

It’s good etiquette to provide meals for the people who will be working for you on your wedding day. Talk to your caterer before hand to make sure you have meals and drinks available for your DJ/Band, photographer(s), event planners, etc.

4. Invitations:

We recommend saving at least two copies of your invitations, save-the-date announcements and any other stationery you created for your event. Keep one for yourself and bring the other on your wedding day so your photographer can capture them on film.

5. Welcome Bags For Out-of-Town Guests:

Don’t forget everyone who made the trip to celebrate you on your special day. Make sure to leave some sort of welcome bag at the hotel for all of your out-of-town guests. Bags can include a welcome note, lists of near-by restaurants and attractions to visit while in town, snacks, wedding weekend agendas, etc. Remember, this doesn’t have to be something expensive. Sometimes the more personalized the bag is, the better.

6. Post Wedding Plans:

Don’t forget to arrange for some transportation after the event. Will you be driving yourselves off in a fancy car or do you need someone to drive you to the hotel or afterparty? Make sure you schedule this ahead of time so you do not get stranded at the reception. If you plan on having an afterparty, be sure to make these accommodations and tell your friends and family before the event. 7. Cake Knife & Champagne Flutes:

You will need cake knives to cut the cake as well as champagne flutes for the toasts. Check with your vendor to see if they provide these items or if you need to bring your own to the celebration.

8. Pre-Wedding Snacks & Getting-Ready Playlist:

It usually takes hours leading up the event to get ready, celebrate and prepare for the big day. It’s important to plan in advance so no last minute trips have to be made. Order food platers and have beverages available for your bridal party and make sure you have the perfect playlists created for the bride and groom suites.

9. Wedding Dress Bag & Hanger:

Don’t forget to bring something to put your dress in at the end of the evening. Many brides forget to bring a bag for their dress and end up scrambling to find a way to get their big, heavy dress home. Not only will a bag make it easy for you to get your dress home, but it will ensure that your dress stays in good condition until you can properly store it.

10. Saving a Piece of Cake:

Before you realize it, the night will be over. Many times the bride and groom get so wrapped up in the evening they do not get a chance to eat their own cake. Make sure you talk to your caterer or event planner before hand and tell them to save you some cake. Whether it’s a slice or the top layer, you’ll want to enjoy it afterwards with your new husband and/or wife!

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