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8 Photos Couples Forget to Take on Their Wedding Day

As your wedding day gets closer, you're probably spending more and more time on Pinterest looking up the perfect wedding shots. Next time you meet with your photographer, here are a few pictures you might want to request on your big day:

1. Still Shots of Invitations, Rings and Other Jewelry

Make sure you bring a copy of your invitation, save the date cards and any other wedding stationery on the day of your wedding and ask your photographer to photograph these items as well as your jewelry and any other accessories or special pieces. These will make a great addition to your wedding album!

2. First Looks

Everyone likes to get a first look of the bride and groom or a first look of the bride and her father, but what about taking a first look of the groom and his mother? Or the bride and her mom? These are special moments between mothers and their children, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to capture it on film. Speaking of first looks, it’s a great idea to do one with siblings too!

3. Groom Getting Ready

Couples always like to get pictures of the bride getting ready and her bridesmaids helping her get into the dress, but what about the groom? Make sure you have your photographer or his/her assistant with the groom and groomsmen on the day of your wedding so you can get pictures of him getting ready. Some pictures you might want to request are: pictures of the groom and groomsmen putting on their boutonnieres, the groom putting on his suit jacket and cuff links, etc.

4. Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

Don’t forget to take pictures of your ring bearer and flower girl while they are getting ready, after they are ready and while they are just hanging out before the wedding! Trust us, these adorable shots will be ones you’re glad you have when you get your pictures back after the wedding.

5. Grooms Face When He Sees His Bride For The First Time

This moment often makes for the best pictures on your wedding day. There’s nothing like the expression on the groom’s face when he sees his bride walking down the aisle towards him.

6. A Picture For Thank You Cards

Guests love seeing pictures of the bride and groom, so why not send them a photo from the wedding as a thank you card? Get creative! Bring a thank you banner or sign to hold when you take these shots.

7. Interior/Exterior Shots of the Ceremony and Reception

You might not be able to see the set up for the ceremony or the reception area before your guests arrive. Or if you do, you might be too busy or too caught up in the moment to truly appreciate it. Make sure your photographer has time to go in and take these shots before anyone is there. That way, you can go back and see how beautiful the set up was.

8. Wedding Vehicles/Sendoff

Don’t tell your photographer to cut out of the party early, otherwise he/she will miss this big part of the evening. Ask them to stick around until the end to get pictures of you leaving the wedding and in your getaway car!

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