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2018 Trends To Try

Now that it is officially 2018 and wedding planning is in full-force, we could not hold back all the excitement we have for our top eight things to look at when planning a wedding this upcoming year. In 2017, rustic weddings took over the wedding scene as more and more couples enjoyed tying the knot in boots and outdoors. We saw lots of burlap, tree lights, photo booths, and mismatching bridesmaid dresses; all that gave 2017 wedding season a year to remember.

We love outdoor weddings, and they are becoming more and more popular, but the question we get asked a lot if how can I make my wedding stand out front the rest? No matter if you have an indoor or outdoor wedding we hope these trends will help you think outside the box and add something special to your big day.

2018 Top Ten Ways To Lead The Wedding Trend:

1. Interactive Dessert Table

Hello donuts and cupcakes! Goodbye to our classic cakes. You may have noticed that more and more couples in 2017 were opting out of doing some of the more traditional things that happen at wedding receptions, including the cutting of the cake. This trend will continue throughout 2018! If you choose not to have a cake at your wedding, try doing an interactive dessert table like a donut bar, cupcake bar, or build-you-own s'mores bar. Don’t be afraid of filling your table with multiple treats and toppings! This will just give your guests more options for everyone to enjoy. Finally, to give everyone a little caffeine kick, try adding a station for coffee/espresso, nothing says dessert then a coffee and cupcake. YUM! And this might just keep grandma and grandpa out later than planned.

2. Polaroids

Photo Booths were a lot of fun in 2017, but this year, try something new with your guests by having a few Polaroid cameras around the venue so people can take their own pictures and print them instantly. Let your guests take these pictures home as favors or have guest put them in a memory book for the Bride and Groom. One idea is to even give a child a camera and see your wedding through their eyes - you may just experience a whole different outlook on your wedding.

3. Alter Backdrops

Standing at the alter under some fabric and flowers, getting married with a barn or the mountains behind you seems perfect enough. However, a floral backdrop for your “I Dos” will create a more “formal” wedding vibe. If you’re on a tight wedding budget, the flowers that are used in this backdrop can also be used at the reception. We have seen everything from simple vines on crates with some flowers to a full, floor to ceiling flower backdrop.


4. Navy & Grey

Say goodbye to those standard black tuxes! In recent years, navy and grey have become two of the most used choices of suits for the groom and groomsmen. Not only are these colors just as formal as the traditional black suit of tuxedo, but they give the men a little more freedom to express themselves and their individuality.

5. Performance at the Reception

Dinner and a show will leave your guest talking about your wedding for weeks. We’ve all seen the surprise bridal party dances and the choreographed first dance. These will continue to pop up in weddings throughout 2018! If you want a performance at your wedding, try thinking of someone in your family who can sing or dance to get the night transitioning for what’s to come. We also have seen a lot of success with showing a video of old pictures of the couple to add something a little more to the dinner. The best part about adding something like this is you will not have to use a lot, if any of your budget; just a little creativity.

6. Throwback

If family or traditions mean a lot, look at what your grandparents or parents did at their weddings and try to add something from theirs into yours. For example, maybe have the punch your grandparents had at their wedding as an option for your guests or a similar flower bouquet to the one your mother had at her wedding. By incorporating family into your wedding, this day will add a very special moment for both of you because not only are you two becoming a married couple you are also bringing each other into your family. Having pictures of those who could not be in attendance in a frame that are on a table or hung on a tree nearby will also allow for the feeling of family and excitement for the future to fill the room.

7. Signage

You know that saying “its all in the details” well even signs to the restroom, where to park, or the schedule; they are all little ways to stand out. These inexpensive ideas can help make your wedding seem like every little detail was thought of, and with so many weddings happening you could easily sell the signs when you are done and help out the next lucky couple. At one wedding we saw, the bride and groom labeled different walkways after grandparents and lost family members with signs, a little detail that made everyone fall in love with! While "rustic" signs were popular in the past, this year we think we will be seeing lots of "woodsy" signs and nature-like decorations.

8. Invitations

Your invitations should resemble you both, show how formal the wedding will be, and allow guests to receive something more then just a folded piece of paper in half. Unique invitations like the one below will be all the rage in 2018! It does not take a lot of money to get creative and get your guests wondering about what your big day will look like, the art of surprise will add to how the guests prepare for your day. Other invitations trends that will be popular include metallic colors and calligraphy. Don't forget to ensure Thank You notes are sent out within the first two months after the wedding, especially to anyone who helped put on the wedding with you. Nothing ends the celebration of that memory then a personalized thank you card.

From all of us at Big and Little Events we get so excited every time we talk to new clients about how to make their wedding stand out. This day is all about you and should resemble how you want to celebrate with the people who love you most. Cheers 2018!

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